Live Music as Diplomacy


Even a US Ambassador is Throwing House Concerts.

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In terms of live music, house concerts are not yet “common” to most music fans. They are typically on the fringes of the music scene – often only associated with indie acts and hard to find artists. Fortunately for music fans, this is changing and a whole new way of experiencing music is being unlocked and gifted to both fans and artists.

In an uncommonly creative solution from the government, the US embassy in the UK has taken house shows to a new level with a new concert series called the Winfield House Sessions. In their words –

"Winfield house is a gift. Given to the US government after WWII for 1$ it has been the residence of the US ambassador to the UK for 59 years. Winfield House Sessions are a gift of cultural diplomacy. The program is simple. Invite musicians and guests. Listen. Share. Repeat."

-US Embassy in the UK

The government is currently putting on house concerts to promote culture. Cool right?

This idea was born out of the mind of Ambassador Matthew Barzun – the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom. This brave act of creativity has brought international attention to the sessions, with huge acts playing a makeshift stage in the Barzun’s residence over the last 4 years or so. This includes Ed Sheeran, the National, Ellie Goulding and Damien Jurado.

Check out their unique sets below: